Bayberry Care Center

Dear Ms. Rubin, 

On behalf of the staff and residents of Bayberry Care Center, we would like to express our endless gratitude and thanks to you and your staff for volunteering your time, energy and resources to makeover our residents for the “Queen for a Day” program held on the afternoon of October 9th, 2017. 

The joy you brought to those who took part in the makeovers was one I have not seen in 21 years of employment here at Bayberry.  Not only did your professional talents bring out the outer beauty of our ladies, but it also lifted and lit up their spirits from the inside. Your true caring and compassion for what you do so selflessly shine through and is truly infectious. Comments from our residents such as “ I have not had makeup in years” or “Alida gave me eyebrows” to “I have never looked so good” and “She is so delightful and enjoys what she does” are just a few of the thoughts and feeling expressed by our residents. They are already asking when you’ll be back and are anxiously waiting to see the pictures you took of them so they can relive the day. Those who did not get the opportunity to take part this time are already signing up for the next “Queen for a Day II”. Family members who visited later in the day were overjoyed at the sight of their loved ones looking so beautiful. They could not believe that a professional such as yourself had sacrificed your time and talents for them and were also so thankful for the gift of beauty and self esteem you brought out that day. 

In closing, I wish to thank you and you your staff, from Noah, to your photographer, to your volunteer and of course you, which none of this could have been possible. It is clear by watching you, your love of people and passion for what you do is genuine and heartfelt. You have all truly been a blessing to all of us and will forever be in our hearts, thoughts and prayers as you continue to bring out the inner and outer beauty from those who are all too often forgotten.  All the best to you and the mission of giving you bestow upon others.

Warmest Regards & Eternal Praise,

Carlos Morales, Director of Recreation at Bayberry Care Center 

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